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EDM Training Programs

POCO designed the EDM Training Program to help end users improve their EDM performance. Both the classroom and laboratory activities will give the beginner or the experienced EDM operator a better understanding of how to control the EDM process to achieve predictable results. This is practical information that the attendee can put to use on the shop floor. The number of students accepted for each class is small so that individual attention can be given to specific applications and interests. Attendees are encouraged to bring examples of their typical EDM applications to the class.


Program Logistics

Technical Centers are located in North America, Europe and Asia. There is no charge for attending this program. Most training sessions are multi-day events.


Classroom and Laboratory Topics

Properties & Characteristics of Graphite

One of the keys to selecting the best grade of graphite for any application is knowing the classifications of materials and how to use the information on the specification sheets. The properties and characteristics of each grade of material are indicators of the type of performance that can be expected during the EDM process. Student will become familiar with the different physical properties and the interrelationships that make each grade unique.

Materials Testing Laboratory

POCO maintains a testing laboratory for grade verification and identification of materials by manufacturer and grade. Discussions include the properties and characteristics of a material that help identify unknown or unmarked samples.

Machining Graphite Techniques

Electrode fabrication techniques are discussed along with specific guidelines necessary for machining graphite. Graphite properties and characteristics determine the amount of detail that can be machined into a particular graphite.

EDM Basics

The theory of the EDM process, along with components of the EDM machine, are covered. The five key factors in selecting an electrode material are discussed in depth. Students work through a series of calculations and formulas to determine the machine settings necessary to achieve performance requirements, such as metal removal rate, surface finish and electrode wear.

EDM Laboratory

Through a series of test cuts, students evaluate the performance of selected electrode/workmetal combinations. Various machine settings are used to obtained the desired metal removal rate, surface finish or electrode wear. This hands-on approach allows each student to fully understand how the operator can control the EDM performance to get predictable results.