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Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications Brochure

POCO manufactures a variety of specialty graphite and silicon carbide materials that are routinely used in a wide range of highly technical industrial applications. POCO is well known for its production of uniform materials that range from 1 micron to 10 microns in particle size, with many post-processes, infiltrations,

and coating options. Each grade has characteristics and properties that allow the user to match the ideal material to each application.



POCO’s graphite grades exhibit unique properties that make them the only choice for many Industrial applications. The proprietary manufacturing process yields synthetic graphite with a higher thermal expansion coefficient than competitive materials. Fine particle size and homogenous microstructure of the graphite yield materials of higher strength and isotropy when compared to competitive synthetic grades. POCO has the capability to perform several post-processes on our materials to enhance specific properties as needed for particular applications.

Silicon Carbide

Based on a proprietary grade of graphite, the SUPERSiC® family of silicon carbide represents an ideal combination of the superior mechanical and thermal properties of SiC with the low cost manufacturing capability of graphite. The SUPERSiC technology allows the machining of complex components into near net shape in graphite using low cost machining processes. These net shaped articles are then converted directly, through high-temperature processing, into 100% beta-phase silicon carbide. This unique process allows for the manufacture of components that previously couldn’t be considered for SiC, opening a trade space for mechanical engineers to use a high-strength, high-stiffness, high thermal conductivity material where no solution may have existed in the past.

The properties of SUPERSiC materials can be further enhanced through impregnations, coatings, and advanced cleaning methods to meet the requirements of specific industries, customers, or projects.