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Aerospace Materials Data Sheet

Performing in extreme environments and adhering to stringent Aerospace and Aviation safety regulations demand components and materials that are both reliable and resilient. Our solutions benefit from over 50 years of experience with materials and design innovation. We can rely on our knowledge to optimize the performance of applications, even under the most extreme conditions.  POCO solutions have served the civil, commercial, and military aerospace sector for many years. Tightly controlled manufacturing and quality processes, along with superior customer service are the hallmarks of POCO’s Products. 


Leading Manufacturer of Aerospace Products

POCO is a worldwide supplier of high-performance materials and products.  Our proven materials help to improve a number of aerospace systems. POCO’s solutions are supplied to several leading aircraft manufacturers, jet engine OEM’s, rotable manufactures, and MRO suppliers in the aerospace sector. 

Increased Efficiency and Energy Performance

By reducing weight, increasing reliability and durability, POCO’S material solutions have contributed to the improvement of the efficiency of our customer’s systems and applications. Advanced aircraft engines rely on advanced materials to enable increased performance. Improvements in thermodynamic efficiency that lower specific fuel consumption require higher temperatures, and drive the need for materials that are able to withstand those temperatures. POCO’s family of Aerospace Graphite is being used in tribological and structural applications in the core of these next-generations engines. POCO’s graphites and ceramics replace polymers, whose properties are less stable over large temperature ranges and whose capabilities are below the standards required in these new systems. Typical applications are stator vane bushings, vane tip bushings, thrust washers, bumpers, guide rings, and seals operating up to 1200ºF.


POCO Differentiation

  • Higher CTE
    • High Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (range 7.0 to 9.00 µm/mºC)
    • Key advantage for its match to Aerospace metals like Ti64
  • Material Toughness
    • Higher Flex Strengths (range from 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi)
    • Our values are 2x-3x higher than most other graphites when compared grade-for-grade
  • Wear Performance
    • Better material hardness = better wear performance (>95 Shore Hardness)
    • Longer life for life-limited components provides lower Cost of Ownership (COO)
  • Capabilities
    • Proven history of success in multiple market segments
    • Aerospace, Semiconductor, Biomedical, Glass, Industry, Optics, EDM
    • Engineering and full turn-key services
    • In-house material analysis and FA Lab
    • Dedicated Technology Development Group

Material Grades

  • ACF-10Q - Baseline graphite for rigorous and higher temps
  • ACF-10Q1 -  Proprietary purity process reduces impurities to <5ppm     
  • ACF-10QE2 - Impregnated graphite to enhance moisture performance
  • ACF-10Q1AP - Further improved graphite impregnated graphite to better moisture & anti-oxidant performance 
  • AXF-5Q - Baseline graphite for less rigorous and lower temps
  • AXF-5QC - Impregnated graphite 
  • SUPERSiC - Highest quality Silicon Carbide achieved through a proprietary conversion process