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Air Bearings

Air Bearings Data Sheet

Poco Graphite manufactures the world’s preeminent synthetic graphite for structural applications. The key to a customers’ success using POCO materials, lies in the level of control we maintain over the microstructure of the graphite. This feature, combined with the inherent lubricity of graphite, allows for unique applications that are not possible with any other material.

POCO graphite is ideal for the support and channeling structure for Air Bearings. The inherent porosity of graphite makes it a potential candidate material for these components. But only POCO graphite maintains sufficient control of that porosity to allow manufacturers to reliably predict and select the airflow needed to support their unique spindles.

Another priority in creating Air Bearings is to enable a ‘soft landing’ in the event of loss of plant air. Again, this capability is inherent to POCO’s graphite grades. Providing a non-galling, non-abrasive surface, bearing sleeves made from POCO materials present a perfect solution in the event of catastrophic loss of airflow. As spindles ramp down from high-RPM operation they touch down on a material that exhibits minimal fretting, but one that protects the high-precision components from damage.


POCO offers a wide range of porosity to support the range of airflow required for different applications. In addition, we have the capability to test components for airflow either individually or at the bulk level, ensuring 100% yield in manufacturing. We are available to provide technical assistance to designers trying to use POCO materials in these sensitive and demanding applications.

Cost of Ownership

By switching from metal bearings to POCO graphite bearings, OEMs are able to drastically reduce the cost of components, reduce the total cost of their end-products, ensure against catastrophic failure, and enhance yield in their manufacturing operations.


• Uniform microstructure

• Inherent porosity

• High compressive strength

• Natural lubricity


• Excellent airflow uniformity

• Crash resistance

• Low cost in comparison to machined components

• High yield in production

Graphite Grades:






Typical Material Properties