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Hot Press Die (HPD)

HPD Data Sheet

Poco Graphite fine-grain materials are used as dies for hot-pressing in powdered metal and ceramic processes. The uniform microstructure of these graphite grades yields consistent surface finish. High strength and low wear rate maximize the useful life of dies, resulting in industry-leading low cost of ownership. High, isotropic thermal conductivity ensures uniform heating, while the inherent lubricity of POCO graphite allows for rapid release with no sticking. Whether you’re pressing diamonds into metal tooling, creating exotic ceramics, or processing advanced composites, POCO graphite dies will enhance the performance and reduce the total cost of your process.


• Uniform microstructure
• Very high compressive strength
• High thermal conductivity
• Inherent lubricity
• Increased thermal expansion (relative to competitive graphite)


• Excellent surface finish
• Increased lifetime
• High density component output
• Uniform heat distribution leads to uniform end products
• Exceptional release characteristics
• Maintains press through thermal cycle

Graphite Grades





Typical Material Properties