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Solar Materials Data Sheet

The grades of graphite manufactured by POCO are segmented by grain size, including one, five, ten and fourteen micron products. These base materials are further segmented for specific performance requirements by application.

The defining characteristic of POCO graphites is the uniform microstructure inherent in the materials. These graphite grades have a proven cost of ownership due to the materials’ isotropic microstructure, a result of a unique manufacturing process.

The high degree of isotropy found in POCO graphites makes them useful in many applications where an anisotropic material would fail. It also allows for a maximum utilization of material as machining orientation is of no importance. The net benefit is improved performance at a lower cost when compared to many other material choices.

POCO grades of graphite are available in bulk form or as custom machined parts for specific applications.

In addition to the unique properties engineered into the base graphite, POCO has a variety of post processing options to further modify the material to fit specific application requirements.

Post Processes

All POCO grades are available as bulk product, but post processing can be performed on five- and ten micron grain size materials. All grades can be purified to less than 5 ppm.

Purity (-2)

Unpurified, POCO graphite has typical impurity levels over 1000 ppm, those impurities consisting primarily of metals. POCO’s purification process reduces impurities to 5 ppm (99.9995%) or less, as determined by ash analysis.

Pyrolytic Carbon Treatment (PYC and FABMATE®)

Purified, finished graphite parts go through a unique, proprietary CVI process that provides a nonporous surface by depositing an amorphous carbon coating. The treatment seals the surface of the graphite and reduces particle generation in demanding environments. These materials are acid-resistant.

POCO produces a number of pyrolytic carbon treated materials marketed under different trade names for solar applications.

Silicon Carbide (SUPERSiC®)

POCO’s unique conversion process produces the highest quality silicon carbide products available on the market today. This process starts with graphite material specially developed and manufactured for use as the precursor in the conversion process.

Near-net shaped parts are machined in graphite, purified, and subjected to a proprietary conversion process which substitutes pure silicon atoms for carbon atoms. During conversion POCO also has the ability to fuse parts so that they enter the furnace as an assembly of individual pieces and exit as a monolithic unit, with properties indistinguishable from those of a part originally made from a single structure. This “conversion bonding” process is accomplished without the use of adhesives or other bonding agents.


In addition to premium materials, POCO provides technical material and applications engineering support. Experienced design engineers are ready to assist customers with modeling and prototypes, and they have electronic file exchange capability to accept IGES, DXF and SolidWorks® files. Combining expertise in using CNC equipment with CMM and optical inspection equipment allows POCO to readily handle high volume production and quick turnaround items. 

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