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POCO's consumable materials roadmap for the semiconductor industry is driven by technology and cost. These are the same forces that drive semiconductor technology and equipment roadmap. The right consumable components can keep the equipment up longer and reduce defects, while the wrong material can prevent the process equipment from performing at optimum level.


In less than a decade the leading consumable component materials have changed several times to meet the increasingly stringent requirements associated with next generation equipment. Using the most suitable component materials can affect total cost of ownership (CoO) of the equipment.


POCO continues to develop new materials that will offer signifcantly improved performance.



Etch Chamber Components

Graphite and SUPERSiC components are produced to customer prints.


SUPERSiC grades are used for components in both horizontal and vertical systems.

Ion Implantation

POCO's family of implant materials can be used throughout the beam line.

E-Beam Crucibles

Graphite E-beam crucibles are designed to offer provide improved evaporation performance.

Material Grades

The SUPERSiC Material System allows customization of basic silicon carbide.