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Graphite grades are categorized by the market they serve and then classified by grain size. Graphite materials are sold in bulk and as finished machined parts made to customer furnished specifications.



EDM Grades

Each POCO grade of EDM graphite has been tailored for a specific range of applications with benchmarked performance characteristics.

Industrial Grades

POCO’s specialty graphite materials are used in a wide range of highly technical and industrial applications.

Semiconductor Grades

Graphite grades for semiconductor applications is tightly controlled to produce materials that have a uniform microstructure and the right balance of strength, grain size and hardness to offer optimum performance for their intended applications.

Ion Implant Grades

POCO's family of implant materials can be used throughout the beam line.

Biomedical Grades

POCO has been an active supplier of materials for biomedical applications for many years. POCO graphite's unique combination of thermal expansion, uniformity, high strength and machinability meet the stringent requirements set for critical materials in the biomedical world.

Glassmate Grades

POCO produces a full range of graphite grades designed for specific applications along the glass production line.


Recommendations for cleaning machined graphite parts.