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Biomedical Grades

Class III medical devices which use POCO graphite are pyrolytically carbon-coated; ie Pyrocarbon. Pyrocarbon has found applications in orthopedic extremities since the early 2000’s. 40 years of heart valve experience helped to make the transition possible. Current Pyrocarbon applications are found in the hand and wrist. Future use of Pyrocarbon will be used in higher load bearing applications of the elbow, shoulder and spine.


The following chart provides the material characteristics of POCO’s medical grade graphite AXF-5Q10W. Other biomedical grades are in development, for more information please contact:


Tommy Miner



Particle Size AXF-5Q10W
microns 5
µ·inches 200
Apparent Density  
g/cc 1.95
lb/in3 .0702
Compressive Strength  
N/mm2 145
psi 20,000
Flexural Strength  
N/mm2 75
psi 11,000
SSH 72
Electrical Resistivity  
µ·ohm·cm 1,500
µ·ohm·in 600
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  
microns/m °C 7.7
µ·in/in °F 4.3
Thermal Conductivity  
watts/m K 1301
BTU·ft/hr·ft2·°F 751
1Estimated values.