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POCO has been working closely with OEMs and fab customers to develop materials to support the requirements of the source and beam line areas of the implant chamber. Based on this work, POCO has expanded the existing family of materials, POCO PyroGraph, DFP-3-2 and SCF, targeted at the implant area to include POCO ZEE. Regardless of the type of implant, whether it is buried layer, N or P-well, punch through stop, SD, or Vt adjust, POCO has the right material to support the technology.



ZEE is a hard, wear-resistant material. This next generation ion implant material offers improved performance through the entire range of low to high-energy implants. POCO ZEE is high-purity, isotropic graphite with a true 1-micron grain size. A unique manufacturing process yields a graphite with elevated hardness and strengths that exhibits reduced wear and particle generation even in the highest energy environments. For more information, view the ZEE performance White Paper.

Particle Size   Electrical Resistivity
microns 1 µ-ohm-in 1,260
Apparent Density Hardness
g/cc 1.77 SSH 100
Flexural Strength Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
psi 15,000 µ-in/in/C 8.4
Compressive Strength Purity
psi 30,000   99.9995%