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Silicon Carbide

Drawing on 40 years of research and development experience in graphite technology to design the best family of precursor materials for its unique conversion process that produces the high-purity SUPERSiC®, silicon carbide, Material System. SUPERSiC components outperform existing materials in overall throughput by increasing yields, reducing particles, improving plasma stability and exhibiting long part life for reduced cost of ownership.


This nontraditional conversion process allows complex machining to be done in the graphite state with minimal machining after the conversion to silicon carbide. Complex designs with thin walls and tight tolerances are as easy to produce as simple thin parts such as dummy wafers. These fully converted parts can then be subjected to a number of cleans, infiltrations and coatings in order to produce optimized silicon carbide components for specific applications.


Unique to this conversion process is the ability to press fit multiple pieces into an assembly that can then be converted into a monolithic SiC component that can have internal pockets and channels. This ability creates maximum design flexibility.


This adhesiveless bonding process cannot be accomplished by any other silicon carbide manufacturing method. There are also several mechanical attachment methods for mounting finished silicon carbide components to other material structures.