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Materials and Services

POCO materials are used in many diverse applications and industries. POCO products are produced for the following major markets: Semiconductor and general industrial products, biomedical, glass industry products and electrical discharge machining (EDM). As a producer of highly technical materials, POCO offers exceptional customer support, including specific application information, design capability, machining and materials testing.



thumbnail Graphite

Surface treatments and coatings are available to provide a sealed surface, to improve wear characteristics or to reduce particles

thumbnail SUPERSiC Silicon Carbide Material System

SUPERSiC is POCO’s trade name for silicon carbide products produced by a unique conversion process.

thumbnail Machining

POCO also offers an extensive machining and inspection facility for the delivery of finished parts.

thumbnail Post Processing

POCO offers a number of post synthesis modifications to enhance the original material to allow even greater flexibility for highly specialized conditions.